Electric cars

Electric cars in France. From Zoe to Tesla. Can you drive, where to recharge, what can be done?

Like most countries, France is currently experiencing the "slow" (for the moment) revolution of electric cars. But the tide is there to stay. Electric cars are here. They perform well. Are cheaper. Good for the environnement, compared to our gas guzzlers.

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ICE cars banned from France soon

France will soon ban the use of ICE cars!

What is an ICE car? ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine. An ICE car is thus either a petrol engine car or a diesel engine car. At the moment there is no other source of energy used. Hydrogen is not used and people who think (dream) about using it in a car would use it no through an engine but through a cell.

Electric cars in France

The rise of the electric car in France

As in the rest of Europe (and the US, and China), electric cars are starting to be a very real fixture on the roads. Teslas, Peugeots, and more than anything else, the local champion the Renault Zoe, can be seen on all roads.