Impact of Brexit and driving in France

This is it! Brexit is now done, much to the satisfaction of the brexiters, and believe it or not, of the europeans, who for most of them, couldn't care less :) But what now, regarding driving in Europe, France in particular, as well as Spain and all those different places?

Caught speeding

Good news for British motorists who get caught speeding with a GB registered car in the EU and especially France! Read our updated article about getting caught speeding in France.

Rental car

Rental car. Easy. No effect. Same as before. Your driving licence is good and you just rent the vehicle. Just be careful of the usual sc*m operators such as interrent, goldcar or similar.

You own UK registered car

No big difference. You use your driving licence. Just add a GB sticker to the rear of the vehicle. Don't forget to travel with your registration documents and insurance documents; and if you are leasing your car, the Vehicle On Hire certificate.

What if... accident?

An accident is always problematic and even more when abroad. Rental car, just call the rental car hotline, as before brexit. Own car, just call your insurance, as before brexit.

So, is there really a brexit impact?

Not really, except for the lucky few who spend more than 90 days in Europe each year. But for most people, not much difference when travelling and driving in Europe. Which is good really. impact of brexit and driving in France