Speed camera network

Built in the year 2004 and onwards, this network of around one thousand automatic speed cameras has achieved the desired goal : reduce average speed in France. With the consequence of less deaths on the roads, and more fines being delivered to french drivers. New and improved speed cameras are installed monthly, the current official limit being two thousand speed cameras in service.

French speed camera network

The system is highly computerized with little human intervention. When a vehicle is caught speeding by an automatic speed camera, the picture is immediatly sent via broadband internet connection to a dedicated police center where the registration of the car is taken. A fine is then sent to the owner of the car.

There are a big number of speed cameras. By following this link, you will have access to lists of their positions in the different regions of France.

As a non french, does this affect me?

Depends mostly on where your vehicle is registered. UK registration, should be no problem, since brexit. European registration, expect to receive the fine at home. So better pay attention to what are the speed limits, look out for the road signs alerting drivers of a radar, and look out for the radar. Most are easy to spot. Here are pictures of french radars and road signs to help you.

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