Speed cameras in Guyane (French Guyana)

This is the list of all automatic speed cameras in French Guyana. See below for a detailed map and explanations.

Enjoy your stay in wonderfull, special, hot and humid, Guyana!

Road number CLOSEST CITY (position on road, more info), which way, speed limit

The list below is not recently updated. Please use it more as an history list of the radar positions.


  • Voie rapide, sortie Cayenne.
  • RN1, entrée Tonate.

Are there really speed cameras in South America?

According to that list France has only two speed cameras set up in South America. Guyane, or "La Guyane" is a big territory borded by Brazil mostly, and Suriname as well. Pretty nice but tough place. No wonder, with the heat, humidity, and human fauna living there, that those small speed cameras, spending days and nights alone by the side of the roads, don't have very long lives in France South America Guyane. Tough luck. We don't miss them. Holidaying in Guyane is exceptionnal. Coast line, abandonned prisons, jungle, food, amazing people... You will have much fun, so come and enjoy!

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