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Why the difference between front or back picture?

Three differences:
- Motorbikes do not have a registration plate on the front, just on the back of the vehicle. Thus, if the speed camera is taking a front picture of a motorbike, the lack of registration plate will mean nobody is caught.
- When caught in a car, you can say you were not driving the car, and thus avoid paying the fine and/or lose driving licence points (see more here). A front side photo will make it harder to lie if you were actually driving the vehicle.
- A speed camera will usually be easier to conceal from motorists' view if it takes pictures after you zoomed by it.

The stress however seems to have been put on bikers, as most new speed cameras will take your picture from behind...

What do you mean by PR?

PR means Point repère, and used to be PK or Point Kilométrique. Every kilometer along the road you will find small marks indicating the distance or position from a reference point. If you know a speed camera is localised in the vicinity of the PR75, when on the road check out the PR you are at, and anticipate your reaching the PR75.
I understand this explanation may not be clear!

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