Driving in France

Driving in France is not really different from driving in most other countries. French drivers may be a bit more law-abiding than drivers from southern Europe, and a bit less than drivers from northern Europe, but overall, there is no big difference. Except of course for you people coming from the UK (or Australia etc), as the driving usually takes place on the right part of the road!

You should however give a look at the following pages to familiarize yourself with the little peculiarities, the speed limits, etc, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Driving in a foreign country is certainly a worthy experience, and this is absolutely true with France where unless you plan on staying for months, it is only by the roads that you will see the true countryside France, the France of little villages unchanged, they seem, from the middle ages.

1- Driving on the right.
2- Speed limits.
3- Driving licence.
4- Filling up the tank.
5- Highways.
6- Drinking and driving.
7- Driving times and distances.
8- Busy time on the roads.

Enjoy your driving!

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