Driving licence to drive in France

If you are a citizen of any country of the European Comunity (EC, including the European Union, EU) : you can drive in France with your foreign licence.

If you are not a citizen of an European Community country, you can drive in France with your licence provided that : your national driving licence is valid and up to date, written in french or with an official translation, or you hold an international driving licence.

If you plan on living in France for long term, you may need to switch to a french driving licence.
Check here if you are an EC national. Otherwise check here. Edit, links are broken, have been removed.

1- Driving on the right.
2- Speed limits.
3- Driving licence.
4- Filling up the tank.
5- Highways.
6- Drinking and driving.
7- Driving times and distances.
8- Busy time on the roads.

Enjoy your driving!

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