Destroyed Speed cameras

Those pictures of destroyed speed cameras are now quite old. It seems the general public has become used to these devices and there are apparently less destruction nowadays...

Being a speed camera is no easy life... Who would want to have the life of a speed camera? Exposed to the weather, day and night, alone, no friends... Sounds like a harsh life. But as if it weren't enough, the poor creatures are also likely to be destroyed... Don't get dumb. No need to stone a radar, just get a GPS with database and move on!

Blown up with C4

speed camera blown up
This picture was taken in Corsica. Corsica is home to nationalistic or independentist movement, with access to explosives... Sometimes used to blow up villas and properties (of those who did not pay their due "taxes"), but sometimes, well... This speed camera must have crossed an independant movement boss.

Burned down

speed radar destroyed
A couple of old tires, a bottle of gas / petrol, a lonely match. This is the result. Burnt speed camera.

speed camera burned down
Easy to repeat. No need to be smart. Effect guaranteed.

burning radar
This destroyed speed radar is british. When we say our culture is similar!

burned speed radar
Exterior damage on this destroyed speed camera seems minimal, yet it appears the interior is entirely gutted. Must have acted like an oven, all the electronics inside had no chance.


painted speed radar
Another one in Corsica. Damage is just on the surface, yet the guys who did that must have felt a lot of relief for doing it. Revenge probably.

painted radar

cheese speed camera
Now those two swiss cameras do have a beautiful painting! I've never known if the painting is official, or the result of an artistic urge by some anonymous guy. Anyway thoses speed cameras are refreshing, if only they did not serve fines!

french radar
Funny how it is spent in french colours in a protest against that french gouvernement programme of installing radars around the country's roads.


smashed speed radar
Must have taken a couple of minutes. Park the car, walk over to the speed camera. Smash it with a hammer, twice, boom, boom. Walk back to car, drive off. Two minutes.

Some speed cameras get destroyed, yet, most people just do not care enough, and anyway the money making is so important that replacement are brought in very quickly. And well, yes, the radars did contribute to a general reduction in speed.