Funny. This is the name of this tag. This means that all articles, news, and stories published on this "driving in France, radar position" website, which are deemed funny, have been tagged as so.

Now, colour and tastes as the french say... Les goûts et les couleurs...

So some of those articles may not seem very funny to you, or to your neighboor, or his cat. Well his cat won't be driving in France for the foreseeable future. So we don't care about his opinion on our funny french driving stories.

Do you consider a destroyed public equipment dedicated to saving lives funny? This is what happens when a speed camera is burned down. Funny? Well to be honest, there has to be an umbrella, we cannot provide hundreds of tags, each for a different article and everybody's taste.

So we decided to tag a dynamited speed radar, a smashed then burnt speed camera, funny. It is a kind of one fit for all tag. Don't get upset. It is just a word. A funny one.

Below, you will find all the funny articles.

Burning Gatso

Burning speed camera in the UK... Long before the french, the brits have enjoyed having speed cameras by the side of their roads. Those speed cameras, known as Gatsos, suffer now and then from motorists' wrath... Check out the results!