Covid has impacted our lives big time. It is called Covid 19 as in 2019, yet in spring 2021, it is still here going strong. While the UK was under hard confinement, Europe was mainly not confined, France in particular, saw no confinement in spring, only some restrictions and curfews.

Most countries now have high percentage of vaccinated people, especially among the most vulnerables. Unless a brazilian or indian super strong variant of that originaly chinese virus comes along, we should be fine for summer 2021.

By the way, is it not funny, how we all talk about the english variant, or the south african one, or the brazilian, or the indian, and yet, NOBODY talks about the chinese variant or virus. I mean, that chinese state, is really pushing hard to make us not employ those two words, china + virus. I mean not us normal citizens, but us as a society, with our media, government etc. Anyway. By the way, on CNN Sanjay Gupta has said there are reasons to believe the virus originates from a lab in Wuhan. I mean, translation? Sanjay believes the virus is manmade. Yet nobody dares name it after it's creators. Anyway.

So, where was I? Covid? Yes, covid, summer coming along nicely, holidays, France Spain, Italy, Greece, you name it. In the following articles you will find information about the covid restrictions in France, how it might affect your trip, etc.