Electric cars in France

The rise of the electric car in France

As in the rest of Europe (and the US, and China), electric cars are starting to be a very real fixture on the roads. Teslas, Peugeots, and more than anything else, the local champion the Renault Zoe, can be seen on all roads.

Charging infrastructure

The charging infrastructure is quite plentiful in the cities. Public parking in the street, commercial centers/malls, are all options for charging, for free.
This however is mostly low speed charging inadequate for a quick refill on the way to Provence.

The future of electric cars in France

The future is coming faster than most people think. Diesel cars already have lost a lot of their resale value. Soon petrol cars will suffer a similar fate. The charging infrastructure is bound to follow the change in buying behaviour.

So please use your electric car for your next holidays in France or driving trip through the country on the way to Spain or Italy!

electric cars in France

Sale of diesel and petrol cars banned in 2040

Not to forget! In quite a short number of years, petrol and diesel cars will be banned in France. For now the date is 2040. But the UK for example has advanced it to 2030 (from initially 2040 as well). France could advance it too. Especially when the electric car buying will increase, there will be little resistance to reduce further the viability of ICE cars (ICE= internal combustion engine).

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