ICE cars banned from France soon

France will soon ban the use of ICE cars!

What is an ICE car? ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine. An ICE car is thus either a petrol engine car or a diesel engine car. At the moment there is no other source of energy used. Hydrogen is not used and people who think (dream) about using it in a car would use it no through an engine but through a cell. tesla cars in France Shown here is a Tesla with a french registration from Lyon. Anyway, what was i saying, France will soon ban petrol and diesel cars! Now hold on a little. Let's clarify.

Ban petrol and diesel cars in France

It's not banning those cars. It's banning the sale of new cars! Much different. But as most cars stay on the road for 10-15 years, that would mean this measure will in due time wipe out most diesel and petrol cars.

Ban those cars SOON?

Well we know politicians love to play with promises. The date for this ban is i would say inspirational at the moment. If the need arises, this date will move. But it is more likely than not that if it moves, it will move forward. So what is the date? What is the goal? For now it is 2040. But let's remember that after France decided to introduce that ban in 2040, the UK followed suit with the same timeframe. Then, the UK move the ban forward to 2030. So France could very well do the same, especially considering the gradual increase of electric cars, BEV or PHEV. BEV being Battery Electric Vehicle and PHEV being Pluggin Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

Petrol and diesel car bans worldwide

What is the situation in the world today, december 3rd 2020? Norway : ICE ban in 2025 (so 4-5 years from now!!!) Holland : ICE ban in 2030 UK : ICE ban in 2030 France : ICE ban in 2040 Spain : ICE ban in 2040 Canada : ICE ban in 2040

Tips regarding ICE vehicles ban

What does that mean? Today and in the future, do not buy a petrol or diesel car new. Second hand can be considered as the resale value is already low. With the ban of ICE cars, their resale value will drop. So it is a major risk buying one new. So what should you buy? Depending on your usage and mostly on your knowledge and trust in BEV, you should buy either BEV or PHEV. Don't buy Toyota's non-pluggable hybrids. Buy a real hybrid (PHEV) or a fully electric BEV such as the Zoe or a Tesla or whatever equivalent from WV etc. My advice if you plan on replacing your current car soon: hold on a few months, a year, a couple of years. By then BEV will be much cheaper and have much better performance, especially range and battery life (which is already good but will become excellent).

The electric car tide is coming in France and the world, and it will turn into a tsunami.

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