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Most of the time, the only places with traffic congestion will be:
- in Paris and surrounding areas (all the time except at the dead of night)
- in major cities during rush hour
- only in case of accidents elsewhere

During holiday periods and mostly summer holidays, friday to sunday, highways and secondary roads are likely to be jammed especially everything to/from Paris and most roads leading to popular spots like coastline. Any coastline.

Tips to avoid the worst traffic jam in France?

Simple tip. Two words: AVOID PARIS.

To make it more comprehensive. Avoid Paris and surrounding highways like the plague. You won't get stuck in traffic and will save the local drivers your presence which would contribute to the jams.
Better make a detour than drive through Paris area (not talking about the city itself, talking about the main highways going around the city in circles, periph, A86, A104). If possible, avoid those, except between midnight - 5 in the morning. But you never know, an accident or roadworks, and at 3 in the morning you might find yourself in a jam!

LIVE traffic information in France

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