Traffic information in South East France : live traffic, forecasts, weather

South East France, live traffic information

South East France is a major traffic congestion hotspot at certain times of the year.

Two words : JULY AUGUST

Or maybe one word : SUMMER

South East France has major cities, like Marseille, Nice, Cannes.
It also has major tourist attractions, mostly the sea, Côte d'Azur, as well as the mountains (southern Alps) and Provence.
The geography is difficult, which means not all highways are as big as they ought to be. Especially on the coastline.

During saturdays in summer, all highways and roads going south will be packed. During sundays, same roads and highways, but going north, will be packed.

So try and avoid those days at all cost. It can get really bad, going down from Avignon to Marseille.

Any driving on the coastline in summer will be difficult. There is no way around that. Too many people.

For a detailed and live traffic information data in South East France, please follow the link below named Bison Futé.

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