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Paris is the biggest metropolitan french area, with about 12 millions people living there. As most modern cities, there are a number of major highways, but congestion is high.

How to consider Paris regarding traffic and congestion? Consider it will be JAMMED as a first rule. Expect it to be jammed. If possible, avoid the area.

Driving from Antwerp, Birmingham, Copenhaguen, Billund, Rotterdam, going to Spain, Biarritz? Look at how you can avoid the area. Don't get close.

At any time of the 24 hour day, there is a possibility of a congestion. Sure, from 23h00 to 05h00 it should be pretty fluid, but an accident or night road works might close off a highway, leading to unexpexted (for you) traffic jam and detours. This happens often enough, especially work roads. There are almost never road works during the day or it would be catastrophic to traffic flow, so every works and repairs are done at night.

And major renovations are done in summertime (again, at night) when traffic is usually the lightest. Yet this is when tourism traffic flows are the strongest.

Rush hour times still applies,so it means it gets worse during rush hour, but at 11 in the morning or 16 in the afternoon, nothing will be fluid.

So again, if at all possible, avoid to drive through Paris area (not talking about Paris city center here, talking about the area at large).

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