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Alps, Lyon, live traffic information

Off skiing? Check out the live traffic information before you hit the roads in the Alps!

Lyon, the Alps. Lots and lots of traffic driving through Lyon. Lyon is in the Rhône river valley, with to the west, a big mountain range (Massif Central), and to the east, a bigger mountain range, the Alps.

All north south traffic will be concentrated in that area unless you accept a huge detour via central or western France.

On a regular day, traffic is heavy in and around Lyon. Comes the summer, and Lyon and surrounding highway bypasses can get saturated. Avoid the weekends during summertime.

The Alps inner and access roads suffer the same fate but during winter time.
Of course, roads in the Alps are massively constrained by the geography. Yet they are some major highways built at high cost, but they won't reach all the way up to the stations. If you add to that some heavy snowfall, there has been nightmare traffic jams durings weekends.

Usually, saturdays, traffic coming down the mountains (bookings made until saturdays). Traffic going up saturdays and sundays. If possible and especially if bad weather is expected, avoid those times. Other than that, patience. There is only one road going up to your skiing station.

Below in the links section, two links, Coraly for Lyon as a city, and Bison Futé for the Alps.

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