Speed cameras in France

Everyday, new speed traps are being set up in France... You think you are immune to them with your foreign car? Think again. The legislation is about to change, and anyway big speed offenses may put you into the hot spot. Why take the risk?
Get educated about the basics of the speed cameras network in France and avoid having your picture taken and recorded in the database. Saving yourself from potential troubles and worries is worth the five minutes you need to read the information on this speed radar website and check the location of the speed cameras on your itinerary.

Appart from the speed cameras location, check out :

Speed cameras in France and french territories

Not only has mainland France a bunch or a bundle of speed cameras, french overseas territories like Guyane, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion do have some too.
Check out the following links for our overseas radars.

Speed radars in Réunion
Speed radars in Martinique
Speed radars in Guyane
Speed radars in Guadeloupe
Remember: you will be more than welcome in France, brexit or no brexit, covid or no covid. Enjoy the trip and the holidays.