The crazy rise of Tesla in the stock market

Over the past 12 months, Tesla stock seems to continually reach new highs. Like a mountaineer in the mountains, who discovers behind the bump which he thinks is the summit, another summit, the path which continues to climb. So it is with Tesla on the stock market.

tesla bourse
An example of stock market investment in Tesla. According to this image, the investor has invested around € 17,000 to buy 350 shares.
ascension tesla bourse
Today, about 1 year later, this investment is worth € 170,000. Multiplication by 10.

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Tesla's market value in graph

This tweet very visually explains Tesla's value compared to other major automotive stocks in the world (market value).

Tesla reaches the stratosphere

When i got interested in Tesla as a stock, it was trading in the 300USD range. It increased to about 900USD before COVID. That was amazing.

COVID came and the stock tumbled to about 500USD. That was so high yet an amazing opportunity to buy.

Because pretty soon Tesla was back at 900, then 1200. Amazing again.
Then 1500.
Then 1800!!!
By the time Tesla reached 2000USD, the stock was split in 5. Each share was transformed into 5.

So for exemple if you owned 2 Tesla shares at 2000USD each, 4000USD total, you ended up with 10 shares each worth 400USD so the same 4000USD total.

After that, the rise continued, Tesla climbed to 450 USD. Comments then validation of Tesla's entrance in the S&P500 made the stock to surge to 640USD. Just incredible.

valeur 1 an 12 mois tesla bourse
Tesla share value between december 12th 2009 and december 12th 2020.

valeur 5ans tesla bourse
Tesla share value during the last 5 years, december 2015 to december 2020. What a rocket! A Falcon 9 maybe (will it drop back to earth?).

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