Speed camera detectors

There are two families of speed cameras detectors available:
- Real radar detectors, forbidden by law in France.
- Radar warning systems, using a database of the location of the speed cameras coupled with a GPS. Allowed in France.

Radar and Laser Detectors - forbidden in France

Radar and Laser detectors detect active (in-use) speed cameras. Advances in speed camera technology have superseded these systems and new digital speed cameras are invisible to Radar and Laser detectors. Unlike GPS based systems there is no subscription with Radar and Laser detectors. Such a device is not allowed in France. Getting caught having such a device in your vehicle means a 1500 euros fine, device impounded (with the car if fixed to it).

GPS Speed Camera Detectors - allowed in France

A GPS speed camera detector relies on a database of speed camera locations. GPS speed camera detectors warn drivers of all known fixed and mobile speed cameras - good as long as they are known. It also offers the user many additional features including the exact camera type, range and perhaps most useful - the road speed limit. Some database updates for France can be available for free, but usually a small fee (monthly or annualy) is requested for easy accurate updates.