Driving in France

France is a big country in the middle of Europe. Whether you come to France by air and plan to rent a car there, or plan to drive through the country from your home to your vacation place, say from the UK to Spain, or whether you plan to drive from your country to your vacation place in France, say from Germany to Perpignan, you are likely to experience driving in France.
France has a pretty comprehensive and well maintened network of roads and highways. Road surfaces are usually good. Signalisation is excellent.
Driving is usually safe, driving laws are quite well respected, including speed limits.
Ability to understand and speak english is overall quite good especially regarding all aspects of driving, such as fuel station, highway toll posts, etc.
Police and law enforcement are not omnipresent, are fair and not corrupt. A good number of automatic radars enforce speed limits over the country.
Overall, driving in France should not be a complicated exercice! Have a go at it!

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