Death of Elizabeth II

Elizabeth the second was born in spring, the 26th of april 1926. Quite a long time ago. In London.
She was the queen of the UK since february 1952. Quite a long time ago as well!

The queen of many countries

She is now dead.
She was the queen of seven countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon.

First i did not know that Ceylon was a country. In fact, Ceylon does not exist. Sri Lanka does.

Second i do not think more than 1% of the Pakistani people know they had a queen.

Third i would be surprised if more than a third of the citizens of the other countries (except UK), Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, approved of being subject to a "higher" and "nobler", "born into position", person, the late queen Elizabeth II.

Now, that british people, that did vote for brexit in their majority, would believe in the superiorness of that person, and their feodality to her, is not that surprising.

Anyway, the queen is dead now, and there is a new king prince Charles, well, king Charles.

Elizabeth II is dead, her death has come

Like all others before us, and like all of us mere mortals on this planet (and other planets, who knows?), the queen was not immortal. She reached 2021, at 94 years of age.

Her passing will trigger massive funerals in London and lots of tears in her subjects (mostly in the UK). As said above, i doubt more than a few Pakistanis will even know she was their queen.

Funerals of queen Elizabeth II

Her funerals will be held in London. It is believed the megxiters will fly and come other for the queen Elizabeth II ceremony. Many head of state (elected and usually competent people), royals (born into position, and competent not always, think prince Andrews) and a few dictators (usually competent, often initially elected) will be invited.

A lot of souvenirs and merchandise will be sold. "Never lose a good oportunity".

It is not known yet if the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos, exiled in the Middle East to flee corruption charges, will risk coming back in Europe to attend.

As for the king of Thailand, although most of his wives are living in nearby Germany, he is not invited to the funerals of Elizabeth II. Too much bad taste in clothing, too much abuse for lèse-majesté back home (although he is rarely in Thailand), and above all too many wives!

Hey! This is an attempt at fun! Don't be pissed off!

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